jamie rafTerY

holistic chef

Born and raised in west Ireland, Jamie is a very passionate, creative, enthusiastic, humble and determined man. Grafting his way from a 15 year old pot washer to cooking on the toughest section in world number 1 restaurant, The French Laundry, 10 years later is testament to his will and strength of character. He has an unshakable desire and commitment to achieve his goals and dreams. Jamie’s mission as The Holistic Chef is to educate, inspire and empower people to live a healthier and happier life by choosing more nutritious foods on a daily basis. His mantras are ‘let food be thy medicine’ and ‘our health is our greatest wealth’.


Jamie's culinary journey is one to behold! In order to understand fully the collaboration between Jamie and SEAcotherapy and how our holistic philosophies complement one another so well, we highly recommend you take a look at his full biography which you can access by clicking here.