Top 10 Health Benefits of the Sea

As the name suggests, we are passionate about all things H20 here at SEAcotherapy.

Growing up on the North Wales coast, our founder Dr Victoria Galbraith’s fondest memories are of walking along the coastline, enjoying boat trips, swimming in the sea and visiting the lakes in the Conwy Valley.

“Spending time on the beach with family was the norm, whether at home or on holiday abroad. Because of these early experiences, coastal living definitely became ingrained in me from an early age. As soon as I lived in a land locked county for professional reasons, I realised how much I missed the coast so every opportunity I had I took a trip to the coast. This continues today and if I can't get to spend time there, I’ll go to the nearest river or lake. I’m drawn to water and feel much more relaxed when surrounded by water. I even opted to give birth to both of my children in water,as I found it to be a natural and incredibly powerful form of pain relief. I felt so in touch with nature and the natural course of labour. It was incredible.”

Through our boutique coastal retreats, we combine the evidence-based mindfulness or talking therapies provided by our psychologist with relaxing mindfulness, yoga or pilates and invigorating coastal activities like surfing and paddle boarding.

And the definition of SEAcotherapy is a novel way of engaging with the coastline towards health and wellbeing, whilst embracing nature and the power of the waves! The SEA is our co-therapist.

Holidaying and spending time by the sea has some incredible benefits for both body and mind, we've named our top ten for you.

  1. The coast is an aid to relaxation by providing an environment which encourages activity and stress reduction

  2. The ocean is a powerful life source for humanity and key to health and relaxation.

  3. The sea provides a feast for the senses and is a natural trigger for mindfulness practice; and can motivate creativity – a way of expressing yourself through art, craft or movement.

  4. Fresh sea air contains negative ions, which are naturally generated in certain water-based environments, e.g. beaches, waterfalls, and boost serotonin levels, the natural feel-good hormone.

  5. Walking on sand is therapeutic in itself but it also strengthens muscles in your feet and connects you to the natural power of the earth.

  6. Water based exercises, e.g. swimming and surfing, help increase wellbeing and decrease anxiety and low mood.

  7. Taking a walk along the beach exposes our skin to the sun’s rays and therefore increases our vitamin D levels, which is essential for building strong bones.

  8. The colour blue has a relaxing effect on people.

  9. The sound of the waves has a soothing quality.

  10. Being near to the coastline encourages people to explore and therefore physical activity increases, which has a holistic effect on both physical and emotional wellbeing.

How do you feel when you're near the ocean? We'd love to hear your thoughts

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