Mindful Moments

At SEAcotherapy, we see the use of mindfulness as a preventative factor in health and wellbeing. It is a lifelong skill that can assist with focusing upon the present rather than thinking about the past or worrying about the future. All we really have is the present, and we see engaging in the present moment as a therapeutic tool.

We are so passionate about the benefits of mindfulness, we have included it in all of our retreat packages. Mindfulness gives us the time and space which is often absent in the rat race of 21st century living. It allows us to take a moment, to be present, before moving on. Neuropsychology research is now demonstrating that it alters the structure of the brain towards positivity and balance. And, connecting with nature outdoors is known to create a sense of vitality with research showing us that being connected to nature for 20 minutes a day increases our positive mood and energy.

When you join one of our SEAcotherapy coastal retreats, you will discover the power of mindfulness but in a beautiful, calm and inspiring location. Through our retreats we use the coastline, embracing the power of the waves to help our guests to feel a sense of health and wellbeing. We view the sea as our co-therapist.

The mindfulness component of our retreats is facilitated by Dr.Victoria Galbraith or one of our qualified professional associates to deliver this approach. There are elements of mindfulness practice through each of our retreats, with both formal and informal practices taking place at various times during your stay with us. For example, mindfulness practice may take place on the beach, at your accommodation, we may even engage in mindful eating sessions and mindful creativity. Once you have mastered the craft of paddle boarding, we may even encourage you to continue this practice mindfully.

Want to try being more mindful everyday? Try the following tips to get you started.

Brush your teeth mindfully

Travel from A to B mindfully

Have a mindful meal

Have a mindful conversation

Take a mindful walk

We'd love to hear your thoughts on mindfulness and your own personal experience of practising mindfulness. Why not share on our Twitter or Facebook page.

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