Research shows us that “companies that put effort into ensuring their employees stay healthy find themselves reaping significant rewards in terms of greater productivity” (Telegraph, 8th September 2015).

Many successful companies are now promoting a holistic approach to healthcare, including physical and mental healthcare, as fundamental to the working environment and ethos.


At SEAcotherapy® we provide a unique corporate wellness programme. We have a team of wellbeing professionals, including a holistic chef, yoga specialists, massage therapists, mindfulness practitioners, psychologists and coastal activity instructors. Our programme is delivered along the coastline and we use water (specifically, the sea) as a co-facilitator.  We provide a bespoke 'away day' experience, which will enable staff to implement new learning and development into their daily lives, impacting them both personally and professionally. There is also the opportunity for further engagement with the team following the retreat in order to gain the most out of the experience. If you provide us with your requirement details, we will tailor a retreat experience to suit your specific needs.

Retreats can be tailored for a particular length of stay and include:


- Delicious healthy, high-energy meals and snacks throughout the day(s);

- Regular mindfulness sessions;

- Interactive workshops;

- Yoga/pilates;

- Coastal activities.


Select venues offer spa and beauty treatment facilities. Please enquire for further information.


Interactive workshops include:

Healthy body


Holistic cooking;

Mindful eating.


Healthy mind

Developing self-care and resilience;

Stress management;

Power of positive thinking;

Psychology of habits and habit releasers.


Healthy work-life

Team building and co-operation;

Solution-focused interventions around performance and procrastination.