Marine and Coastal Ecologist

Maya has always had a passion for the sea. From her early years on the Kent coast to living on the Wirral, the long days spent absorbing the wonders of the coast – coupled with a passion for natural history and the great outdoors – led Maya to pursue a career in Marine Biology. Her aquatic fate was set when Maya moved to Devon to study for a BSc in Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology, later followed by an MSc in Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Bournemouth. 


Maya shares her passion of the coast through 'Learn to Sea' whereby Maya delivers workshops for both children and adults. In 2009, Maya was invited to work with the BBC Spring/ Autumnwatch team as a contributor, and has returned as a regular guest presenter. She has since been seen on BBC Coast and ITV’s Hungry Sailors, Fake Britain and featured on an advert.


Maya's book, 'The RSPB Handbook of the Seashore' was published in May 2013 by Bloomsbury and she is patron for three fantastic charities - Sea-changers, MARINElife and The Blue Mile. When she is not working by the sea she will inevitably be found diving, kayaking, fishing, surfing, hunter-gathering, or in open water swimming competitions. And when not in Devon, she’ll be somewhere near her beloved British coastline in a self-converted camper van – the means to explore other coastal locations around the UK. Her diving qualifications include: HSE commercial level 4, oxygen administration, HSE First aid at work, boat-handling and VHF Radio certificate.